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Walk in Comfort with Foot Orthotics

Walking is, without a doubt, one of the best forms of exercise. It's one of the most enjoyable ways to burn off a few calories, strengthen your muscles, get some invigorating fresh air and give yourself time to think, all at the same time. If you suffer problems with your legs or feet, you may have entirely written off the idea of enjoying a pleasant walk but Foot Orthotics is here to help with a wide range of therapeutic products.

Our range includes:

Toe-Tec Extra Wide Rib Socks

People can get swollen legs for any number of reasons: illness and medical conditions, pregnancy, injury or just from plain over-working. The issue can result in it being difficult to put on socks and, when they're removed, unsightly and sometimes painful marks being left on your legs. Designed and engineered in Germany, Toe-Tec extra-wide rib socks provide a comfortable, reliable and stylish answer. They're available in a full complement of sizes and in a range of colour options including Black, Dark Grey, White, Natural, Marine, Beige and Light Grey.

Toe-Tec Extra Wide Rib SocksToe-Tec Extra Wide Rib Socks

Activity® 1.0 Trainers

These roomy trainers, with an extra-wide forepart, are designed to deliver stylish comfort to people who suffer problems with their feet. Activity® 1.0 trainers are crafted with biomechanical outsoles that incorporate WellWalk® technology, which assists with propulsion to help you save energy. Stabilising back counters help to support the feet and increase both balance and stability while cushioning, anti-shock insoles and a safeseam environment offer enhanced protection and comfort. The insoles can be easily removed if fitting adjustment of the insertion of a bespoke insole is required. Activity® 1.0 trainers are available in both men's and ladies' styles.

Activity® 1.0 TrainersActivity® 1.0 Trainers

Steady Anti-Slip Protectors

As the winter progresses, much of the UK is likely to experience snow and ice, which obviously can be dangerous when you're out walking. Restore your confidence with Steady Anti-Slip Protectors which, easily attached to the outer sole of your shoes, are equipped with seven studs (two under the heel and five under the ball of the foot). These studs provide an exceptional gripping effect when walking on slippery surfaces.

Steady Anti-Slip Protectors

Check out the Foot Orthotics website to discover many more highly-effective therapeutic products for people with problem feet. Happy walking!