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Tuli's Insoles: Stop the Shock!

Insoles, properly referred to as orthotics, are external devices applied to the the feet that help to improve function in many ways: controlling motion, providing support, stabilising gait, transferring loads, reducing pain and correcting deformities, to name just some. Foot Orthotics is a specialist supplier of a wide range of these devices, including Tuli's insoles.

Tuli's insoles are designed to provide superlative shock absorption while simultaneously delivering constant lateral and medial arch support when it's needed most. Particularly recommended for patients with such conditions as plantar fasciitus or heel spurs, these superior orthotic devices are guaranteed to bring immediate, lasting relief to painful feet.

You might think that such a strong, supportive device would be heavy: on that score you'd definitely be wrong! The insoles are made using an innovative carbon-fibre material that is supremely thin and lightweight, making you feel like you're walking on air. This quality is enhanced with the use of treated fabric, which helps keep the feet cool and dry while inhibiting the growth of bacteria/fungi and preventing unpleasant odours. Where required, the ultra-light material can be customised to patient requirements.

With its patented 'Waffle' technology, the Gaitor Full Insole is at the top of the range. Effectively duplicating shock-absorption systems found in the natural world, systems that have been honed to perfection over millions of years, this technology puts the evolution in REVOLUTION!

Discover more details about Tuli's insoles on the Foot Orthotics website. Stop with the shock, start with the support!