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Tuli's Gaitor Insoles

Tuli's Gaitor Insoles provide superior shock absorption and moderate arch support in an ultra-thin and lightweight carbon-fibre insole. They are designed to provide medial and lateral support to the arch and cushioning and shock absorption to the heel and midfoot.The Tuli's Gaitors Arch Support Insoles provide arch support and cushioning when you need extra support and comfort in your shoes. The insoles are ideal for both men or women and come in a variety of sizes.


  • Lightweight
  • Ultra-thin carbon fibre construction
  • Mouldable support arch support
  • Stay fresh fabric
  • Cushioned, shock absorbing heel
  • Helps to improve natural body alignment and posture
  • Padded propulsion zone to prevent rubbing or discomfort at the edge of the insole (full length only)


Style No: GAITHL

Gaitor Insole

  • £35.22
  • £29.35 without VAT
Style No: GAITFL

Gaitor full insole

Gaitor Full length Arch Supports are designed to provide superior shock absorption, arch support and comfort to your heel.
  • £42.22
  • £35.18 without VAT