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The latest range of healthier socks for people with diabetes

At the heart of our TOE TEC range is scientifically proven designs that offer maximum protection to people with diabetes and people with problem feet. Of course, our socks offer supreme comfort and health to all feet, but they have particular benefit to:

People living with Diabetes, looking after your feet is a critical area of managing diabetes. People with diabetes are more likely to be admitted to hospital with a foot ulcer than with any other complication of diabetes. This is because diabetes may lead to poor circulation and reduced feeling in the feet. It is therefore important to understand how to take care of your feet. Diabetes UK make many recommendations which can be seen on their website – included in these are avoiding elasticated socks as they restrict circulation (both our ranges feature this) and mention the importance of keeping the heel in the back of the shoe – our socks have non-slip technology and specially constructed heels. In fact, our socks have been designed to help minimise the risk of typical foot problems associated with diabetes. If you are a diabetic and you are not aware of the risk to your feet, we urge you to seek medical advice immediately to understand how you can protect your feet properly. Further information can be found at www.­diabetes.­org.­uk

People with arthritis and  other medical conditions which affect their feet have to be extremely careful with how they manage their foot problems. Our socks are designed to help you do just that. Extra wide soft grip designs ensure minimum constriction whilst anti-wrinkle technology and seamless hand linked toe areas  ensures the socks do not cause problems through wrinkling or bunching up. In effect, our socks perform like a smooth second skin but also have anti-moisture retention properties to keep your feet dry, breathing and healthy.