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PodoWell Shoes: Care & Comfort for Older People

As people get older, their care requirements can increase to the point that relatives do not have the expertise and/or time to adequately fulfill them. Though it is a heartbreaking decision, many relatives choose to find a care home or assisted-living to accommodate the older person. Naturally, these relatives will want to be absolutely sure that the older person is as happy and comfortable as possible: clothing, especially footwear, plays a hugely important role in achieving this.

The PodoWell collection of footwear is absolutely perfect for older people who live separately from their relatives. Combining comfort with practicality and therapeutic value with ease-of-use, PodoWell shoes offer countless benefits, both physical and mental, to the wearer.

Features of PodoWell shoes include:

  • Extra Room. Older people are more likely to suffer with sore, swollen feet and tight-fitting shoes only exacerbate the problem. PodoWell footwear is designed with a wide fitting that offers increased room for the feet to relax.
  • Low Weight & Increased Flexibility. The soft textiles used to create PodoWell shoes allow for vastly-increased flexibility, enhanced by their super-low weight.
  • Antibacterial Finish. PodoWell shoes are finished with an antibacterial treatment that helps to keep both the shoes and the feet fresh and free of odours. The finish also helps to prevent infection.
  • Washability. One of the most impressive features of PodoWell footwear is their ability to be machine-washed. This process does not affect the performance of the antibacterial finish nor indeed any other aspect of the footwear.

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