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It's Black Friday at Foot Orthotics!

Have you been looking forward to making BIG savings on Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Then you'll be pleased to know that we have started the festivities early here at Foot Orthotics! The regularly-changing array of items in the dedicated 'Featured Products' section of our website has been updated with our Black Friday deals, which allow you to save a massive 50% on selected bestselling products from our comprehensive collection.

There are no less than 18 different products available with that attractive 50% price discount, which applies until December 1st 2020. Stock and size options are strictly limited so order soon to avoid disappointment! Reduced items include:

Activity® 1.0 Trainers

Designed for people with sore, swollen feet and limited joint mobility due to conditions like diabetes, arthritis and gout, Activity® 1.0 lace-up trainers are designed with an extra-wide forepart and removable anti-shock insole. The comfortable trainers feature both SafeSeam and WellWalk® technology, along with a stabilising back counter and semi-rigid bio-mechanical outsole. Available for either men or women (the men's design is black with green accents and the women's design is silver with pink accents).


Steady Anti-Slip Protector

The Steady Anti-Slip Protector is easily attached to the outer soles of shoes, this innovative product features seven studs (two under the heel and five under the ball of the foot) delivers and exceptional gripping effect, perfect for snow and ice. 

Neurotec Insole

Recommended for children with hypertonic muscle imbalance, habitual reflex deformities and other neurological deficits affecting the feet, the Neurotec Insole provides strong support under the peroneal notch and medial arch. This results in the destabilisation of eversion and inversion, adding stability to the subtalar joint. Crafted using adhesive-backed EVA material, each pair of insoles is supplied complete with four degree medial posts.

Discover the full range of products included in our 50%-off Black Friday sale on the Foot Orthotics website!