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Custom Insoles

Our new CAD CAM service provides truly bespoke orthotics that are made using some of the most advanced technology available. Each insole is designed and crafted to the highest accuracy and finished in accordance to your requirements by skilled technicians.

We will take a foam impression model of your foot which wil be scanned into the Cad Cam a 3D model or ‘digital version’ of your feet is created. This allows for correction and specific requirements to be achieved. Once we are happy with your bespoke design we select your material requirements and export to the milling centre.

You can choose from any of our materials but if you don't know which would be the best for your condition we will discuss this and then choose for you.

  • EVA TCI - This material is a 'rubber like' material with softness and flexibility, it is mouldable, tough and water resistant and is widely used in the production of foot orthotics.
  • PU TCI - This material is a polyurethane with its main properies for insoles and soles are softness whilst retaining shape it is extremely hardwearing and does not bottom out.
  • PP FFO - This material is a thermaplastic polymer it is strong, lightweight and make a rigid orthotic.          
  • CF FFO - This material is also a thermaplastic ploymer with the addition of carbon fibre composite used extensively in functional orthotic manufacture for its robust and shape retaining properties.   

The system is able to produce a highly accurate, high quality bespoke product which is repeatable time after time.


  • £108.00
  • £90.00 without VAT


  • £138.00
  • £115.00 without VAT


  • £138.00
  • £115.00 without VAT


  • £144.00
  • £120.00 without VAT