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Forefoot & Midfoot diabetic ulcer Off-Loader

Forefoot & Midfoot diabetic ulcer Off-Loader

forefoot and midfoot Off Loader

  • forefoot and midfoot Off Loader
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TD is a clinically tested post operative shoe, indicated in cases of hallux valgus, diabetic ulcers in the forefoot and midfoot.

It is not necessary to use crutches, the rigid biomechanical sole gives greater stability and protection; allows the patient to walk safely and return to normal life as soon as possible. The height of 22mm allows the patient to maintain the pysiological posture and minimises the discrepancy with the contralateral limb helping to simulate natural walking.

The rigid sole reduces the risk of re-ulceration of diabetic patients by over 50% (IOR test of the University of Bolognia).

The Zero insole (PO600) is included in the package and has an 8 degree angle of talism that allows the patient to transfer the pressure from the forefoot to the rear foot; it is made with 2 materials with defferent densities to allow the midfoot and hindfoot with higher density to support the weight of the patient, compared to the softer metatarsal area. 

The Zero insole can be customised according to the needs of the foot (selective off-loading)

The triple velcro closure allows you to completely open the front part of the shoe and adjust ins internalvolume allowing you to accommodate swollen or oedematous feet and to insert off-loading insoles.


  • Rigid biomechanical sole
  • 22mm high sole to minimise the disparity with respect to the contralateral limb
  • PO600 Zero footbed® included.
  • Stabilising buttress
  • Multi velcro closure
  • Can be used without the need of crutches
  • Will accommodate the insertion of peg off-loading insole PL345 MODUS


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