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Ladies Diabetic activity shoe

Ladies Diabetic activity shoe

ladies active 2 top plane

  • ladies active 2 top plane
  • ladies active 2 bottom
  • Dynamic Cross System
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 ACTIVITY 2.0 with Dynamic Cross System® semi rigid outsole

DCS Dynamic Cross System® is a composite fiber insert inside the Vibram® tread, and it assures:

  • Resistance against pronation and supination excesses, and against outsole collapse under heavy use.
  • Elastic smooth transition: very high elastic response during toe-off to help the gait and to reduce the energy demand for the heavier patient.

The special outsole design and the DCS insert help the foot gait and assure flexibitlity during the propulsion phase, therefor reducing the energy demand.

The DCS Dynamic Cross System® patented system by PODartis® collects released energy during the early stages of contact and mid stance, to turn it (as a spring) into a real boost in the propulsion phase. It is this propulsion that simplifies the walk.


  • Stabilising back counter
  • Extra internal volume - allowing the accomodation of deformities or swollen feet and to insert a custom made insole

Recommeded for:

  • The heavier patient and/or with over pronation/over supination
  • Diabetic and rheumatic people with forefoot problems and/or hallux ridgidus/­limitus
  • Swollen and sore feet
  • Metatarsalgia
  • Gout
  • Bursitis
  • Joint pain
  • Instability
  • Limited joint movement


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