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Arthritis research UK

Arthritis research UK - Providing physical activity interventions for people with musculoskeletal conditions

Arthritis research UK has this month published their findings in a report highlighting the importance of physical activity.

The report highlights the importance of providing physical activity for people living with muscu­los­ke­letal conditions.

Movement of any type or intensity is a very important health approach to musculoskeletal conditions and it has a range of benefits for people with musculoskeletal conditions of improving quality of life and allowing people to be independent. It can reduce joint and back pain whilst also improving sleep, managing stress and reducing depression, anxiety, dementia and other long-term health conditions.

Arthritis Research UK’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Liam O’Toole, said: "For many people with joint or back pain, becoming physically active isn't straigh­tforward. They often are unaware that physical activity can benefit their symptoms.

"However, a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach isn't appropriate for people with differing levels of mobility and activity. Depending on an individual’s needs, physical activity can involve a spectrum of approaches prescribed by a health professional. The report aims to ensure these approaches are at the heart of commissioners’ plans."

Read the full report by clicking on the link below