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Certified and recommended 

The work of the AGR (Campaign for Healthier Backs): Joining forces to deal with the public health enemy No.1.

The AGR sees itself as the interface for and mediator of information about the causes of backache and how to avoid it, together with therapy possibilities. It pools multi­dis­cip­linary knowledge and makes it accessible to experts and to the general public. In this way, the AGR is a special centre of excellence whose know-how is made available to everyone.

The strict testing criteria and the composition of the committee with designated medical experts means that the AGR seal of approval is well accepted in the medical world.


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What the specialists say about Joya: Prof. Dr med. habil. Christoph Anders, Univer­si­tats­kli­nikum of Jena

The statement "Bliss for your back" can be supported as follows after evaluation of the study:

When using the "Emotion" model, the back is relieved because there is a measurable reduction in the average muscle amplitude values for the main stabisation muscle, M. Multifidus, as compared to conventional shoes.

When using the "Motion" model, the back is activated and thus trained even more strongly in the sense of an unconsciously induced training (measurable increase in the average muscle amplitude values for the main stabilisation muscle, M. multifidus).

Moreover, the foot is also relieved because:

The softness (Emotion) or the forward displacement of the step zone (Motion) can have a positive effect, especially in patients with heel problems.

The Motion shoe causes a significant increase in the co-contraction of the lateral and medial compartment of the leg, i.e. the active support of the foot arch. In particular, this occurs int he phase of the initial heel contact.