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Podartis was the first company to test and produce shoes for off-loading the forefoot, considered today the standard for post operative shoes. This line of shoes is the result of years of experience in the medical field and continuous investments in research, development and testing to confirm the effectiveness of the shoes.

Laboratory tests have shown that the footwear loads the midfoot more than traditional shoes, with greater stability and without altering the posture. This is why we and Podartis can present a complete range of products for functional recovery following surgery and during the postoperative treatment.




Style No: PO500

Forefoot & Midfoot diabetic ulcer Off-Loader

  • £63.12
  • £52.60 without VAT
Style No: PO100

Forefoot diabetic ulcer Off-Loader

  • £48.00
  • £40.00 without VAT
Style No: PO400

Heel ulcer off-Loader

  • £70.80
  • £59.00 without VAT
Style No: PL345

Podartis Modus Insole

  • £24.30
  • £20.25 without VAT
Style No: PO060

Podartis Zero Insole

  • £10.80
  • £9.00 without VAT
Style No: PO700

Stability Walker

  • £135.24
  • £112.70 without VAT